Acrylic Pearls/Stones

Acrylic Pearl and Acrylic Stones are popularly used in Hand Embroidery for the surface adornment of Pret Wear and Couture Wear. They are also used in making jewellery and fashion accessories.

Acrylic Pearls have high consistency in colour and shine as they are made from coloured Acrylic Powder. Acrylic Pearls are half cut pearls that are non-faceted and have smooth round surface. The most popular colours of Acrylic Pearls are Emerald Green colour, Emerald Blue colour, Rio Red Colour, Grey colour and Blue colour. These pearls are placed on the brass metal holder that is flat at the bottom and has four holes for sewing.

Acrylic Stones are faceted acrylic beads that are available in numerous finishes, sizes and designs. These are also available in shapes like Boat, Tear Drop, Round, Oval, Rectangle, Marquise and Square. We also offer Acrylic Stone in Mist and Granite Finish.