Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals are small Rhinestones that have solid glue at their back. These stones can be easily glued on the surface with the help of Crystal Hot Fix Gun. Crystal Hot Fix Gun helps to melt the glue and fix the crystal to the surface. These little sparkling stones are perfect to add magic to your designs.

Swarovski is an Australian producer of high-quality crystals, diamonds and fashion accessories. We offer you wide range of Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals that can add beauty to your jewellery, bags, photo frames, phone cases, apparels, footwear, craft projects, purses, clutches and headbands.

We present to you Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals in Siam, Blue Zircon, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Cosmo jet, Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown and many more colours.